Although it is generally believed that bananas should be avoided if you want to lose weight, it is one of the most sought-after ingredients in diet drinks. Thanks to potassium, which removes excess water from the body, and fiber which speeds up metabolism, together with other fat-melting products, such as flax and spinach, invade unwanted fat cushions.

Bananas are rich in potassium, they contain 450 mg of this element, which helps in removing excess water from the body.

Besides natural sugars, fructose, sucrose and glucose are an excellent source of energy for our body. Consuming a banana thus suppresses false feelings of hunger, which often leads to prohibited snacks that cause fat pads, while banana fibers play a crucial role in speeding up metabolism. .

We can use bananas as a base in diet drinks to which we add fat-melting products, such as flax seeds, berries and spinach, which in particular provide our body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

1. Banana with flax seeds

1 orange
1 banane
2 cuillères à café de lactosérum
2 cuillères à café de graines de lin
2. Banane aux baies


1 banane
1 tasse de baies (myrtilles, framboises, canneberges)
1 cuillère à café de miel
1 cuillère à café de gingembre récuré
Une demi-tasse d’eau tiède
3. Banane aux épinards

1 banana
20 grams of washed fresh spinach
Half a cup of yogurt
A third of a cup of oatmeal
1 teaspoon of honey
The preparation of these drinks is the same for all species, just insert the ingredients in a blender and grind them. This type of diet, but especially healthy drinks, can be consumed as a snack or with dinner, although the best effect on the body is in the morning for breakfast, as the body best absorbs and identifies the ingredients that in this case will constitute the correct invasion. your fat pads lodged around your waist.

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